Why Biopagne?

It’s the ordinary people who change the world. People just like us. People who believe that a little luxury need not be a bad thing. We love bubbles. But we’re not in love with the way most bubbles are made. There’s room for change and improvement. 100% organic and vegan from the grape right down to the packaging. We couldn’t find anything like that on the shelves, so we decided to make it ourselves!


Waste? Whatever for!

Wine has been around for thousands of years. Long before the invention of chemical fertilizers, genetic manipulation or agritoxins, superb wine was being made. Why should things be any different now? We’re firm believers that the best way to make natural products such as wine is as naturally as possible. In other words: without resorting to dubious agents or tricks and without leaving all kinds of junk in one’s wake. Simply using common sense and a little help from nature.


Great by nature

Common sense plays a large role in how we make our decisions. We wanted to create something wonderful that we all can enjoy without any negative consequences for others. Really, that’s the way it should always be; it’s logical. When it’s a question of whether we want to leave the world in a good state for our children, the answer is obvious.

The people behind Biopagne

Biopagne is the child of Florian and Daniel , two childhood friends from the Bergstrasse area of Germany with an international outlook on life. The idea for Biopagne was born in a café in Breda during a great conversation about home, sustainability and sparkling wine. Incidentally, mostly beer was drunk that evening!



Florian was born in the village of Heppenheim. “Where I’m from”, he says “it’s almost impossible to find a place that doesn’t overlook at least one vineyard.” After his studies, Florian worked for a few years in Italy before moving in 2009 to his current residence of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Over the course of his travels, Florian became passionately interested in sustainable living. He strongly believes that a luxury doesn’t need to be unsustainable and that being sustainable is not enough. ‘With Biopagne we prove that sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Sustainable production is our prerequisite, creating a superior product the final goal.’


“Besides sport, which is how Florian and I got to know one another in the 90s, great food plays a big role in my life,” smiles Daniel. “For that reason, I transformed my hobby into a career and went to study food technology in Frankfurt.

Daniel had his first scientific brush with (sparkling) wine during an internship at a scientific institute close to Christchurch, New Zealand. He was able to dive into the subject on a deeper level whilst studying for his doctorate at the German Wine Institute in Giesenheim.

As he says himself of Biopagne, “A combination of traditional methods of production, utilized for many years to make Champagne, together with knowledge, patience and passion are what have brought us this far. And this is just the beginning…”