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Organic even by the highest standards

We have high standards for our organic bubbles. When we make Biopagne, we let the natural power of the soil really have an impact. An added bonus is when we’re able to improve the structure and quality of the soil through our production process and this is something we strive for. For this reason, we do not use any poisons such as herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, nor do we use synthetic nitrogen-enriched fertilizer. We keep everything as natural as possible.

Planting smart

How do we make world-class wine? Using purposeful planting.

This method is a mainstay of all great wineries and we, too, are great believers in the practice. An additional benefit of using this type of smart planting is that there are no adverse effects on the environment. In fact, it’s the opposite: in the area in and around our vineyards, the quantity and diversity of flora and fauna is actually on the rise.

No (Gen)manipulation

Pesticides and artificial fertilizers do not belong in wine. We don’t believe in plants that have been tampered with either. For us, this goes without saying. We are reasonable people, but we reject genetic manipulation on principle. You don’t need any tricks or chicanery to make great wine. Taste our Biopagne and you’ll see what we mean.

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