Biopagne: sustainable, organic and vegan.

The idea is simple: organic, vegan bubbles of the highest quality, made in the traditional manner, just as they should be. The grapes are harvested by hand and fermented for a minimum of 11 months in the bottle. Only then do they make your way to you. Organic and vegan: just the way they should be if you love our planet.


The wine

How is Biopagne made? By combining the best techniques of traditional winemaking, common sense and a little help from nature. We harvest the grapes by hand, after a strict selection process in the cool hours of the early morning. In this manner, you end up with the best grapes and can preserve them in perfect condition. For both the transportation of the grapes and the pressing process, we use nothing but natural methods, employing the power of gravity to get the job done. After that, we let nature do her work.

The sediment settles of its own accord and the process of fermentation begins to turn the grape juice into wine. For the first three weeks, we keep the wine at an average temperate of 15 ° C. After that, it is bottled for at least 11 months prior to sale.



Organic? Certified!

Our wine simply had to be pure and honest. Our endeavor to keep it so was a success and, luckily, we’re not the only ones who think so! The regulatory authorities for organic wine agree with the way we work, so we can say with pride that our bubbles have earned both the ECOVIN label and the European Biocertification.


How does Biopagne comply with these strict regulations?

The requirements for both ECOVIN and the European Biocertification are directly in line with how we produce our wine:

  • Produced with respect for the environment
  • No use of pesticides
  • No synthetic fertilizer
  • No GM plants

Want to learn more about our certifications? (Click here)

Is Biopagne vegan?

Yes! Bipoagne is completely vegan. We simply don’t think that animal ingredients are necessary!

Wine is a natural product made from grape juice. Gelatine, which is an animal product, is normally used to purify the cloudy grape juice during the industrial production cycle. That doesn’t need to be the case! In our production process, we use a type of natural clay called betonit for the purification process.

Animal products are used in almost all standard labels – in the paper, the glue and the ink. That’s not the case with us. Our labels are recycled, vegan and biodegradable.

We are that our Bubbels are 100% Vegan!


The bottle

We searched long and hard to find the most beautiful, sustainable bottle to house our organic, vegan bubbles. A special product deserves a special bottle. After a long search full of trials and false starts, we’ve found a bottle to be proud of! The bottle is, of course, made from recycled glass and is decorated by engraving the glass. This not only looks beautiful, but is also the most environmentally-friendly option. The labels are recycled, vegan and biodegradable.

Packaging and transportation

For the remaining packaging, we use recycled paper, as well as ink and glue which is free from animal byproducts. The same is true of our boxes, labels and even the tape we use. We transport Biopagne in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our website, our energy and our bank

We host the Biopagne site and webshop via a sustainable provider with a green and CO2 neutral data center, certified by Greenhost. All of our production processes run exclusively on green energy. For our business, we specifically chose to go with a green bank. This bank only invests in sustainable projects and products and demands its clients adhere to a code of conduct.